Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Post: Tia Star Boutique

A new business opened up this month in Peterborough, Ontario called Tia Star Boutique and I want to highlight her beautiful store in my blog. I am featuring her business not only because it's beautiful but also because she is selling my products! Tia Star Boutique is located at 188 Hunter St. in Peterborough and it is on the second floor. The space used to be used for a Pilates studio, it is an absolutely gorgeous space and Tia has set it up in a really unique way.

Here are my Japanese Paper pendants displayed at the boutique. They are a little different than the ones I sell elsewhere because they have words on them. These pendants say "Create" and "Inspiration". I am also able to do some custom ones, but I refuse to put anything nasty on them of course. 

Here is a little tote that is denim with roses on it. The flower embellishment is super cute and is made of felt. 
Here are some more totes.

I will also be selling my pillows there which is fabulous. Here are some examples. 

 Check out her store at 188 Hunter St W. in Peterborough. Below is her contact info.  

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