Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012 One of a Kind Show

Tomorrow I am going to the One of a Kind Show at the Exhibition Place in Toronto with one of my dearest friends, Jenn. We have been friends since kindergarten. She has never gone so I am excited for her reaction. If you don't know the One of a Kind show is all about unique arts and crafts made right here in Canada. Check it out at

I usually go with my friend Alida but she and her husband are moving this weekend. In the past we have day dreamed about starting our own fashion line as we watched a fashion show. We always leave inspired. This year I am on the look out for unique fabric and bags. My last blog post was about my first tote bag.

Speaking of craft shows. Yours truly will be in a craft show coming up at the Peterborough Public Library on May 12th. Check out the website at I will have my profile and photos on there soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Tote Bag

I recently received a sewing machine from the husband of a very good friend of mine, Nancy Green, who passed away in the summer of 2010. She decided to give the sewing machine to me in part I think because we really bonded over sewing projects. I feel close to her using her sewing machine. Her notes are all over the manual and I feel privileged to receive such a gift.  She was such a joy in my life and her kind words remain with me.

I decided to start out with something rather simple. I love tote bags so I made one. My sister in law Andrea gave me some heavy cotton material to use. I got the pattern for the tote bag from the Purl Bee website, It is a great website for a lot of projects. My sister in laws love it.

I love this little tote bag! I feel pretty satisfied for a first try. I embellished it with some felt leaves and  an orange flower. Orange was Nancy's favorite color so it seems fitting. I will be making lots of these tote bags for my spring craft show at the Peterborough Library on May 12th. More to come about that...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party at the AGP

I have been volunteering at the Art Gallery of Peterborough this week for March Break Kid's camp. Today was my favorite day. The kids made really tall hats and then we had a Mad Hatter Tea party. Below is a girl named Tekia who made a fabulous hat. Her mom let me take a picture of her, unfortunately I don't have any other parents permissions so I could only take pictures of their hats. But the kids were super cute.
Here are some hats!!!
Yours truly, borrowing a hat.
Tea party 
Our instructor Rebecca 
All the volunteers and Rebecca
It was a great day today making hats with the kids and enjoying a tea party. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Encouragement is the best gift

It was my birthday last week and my brother Michael and my sister in law Andrea threw me a surprise party. The kind of tricked me, because I knew I was having dinner at their house, but when I got there there were more than just three place settings. Then I noticed my dear friend Elvira was there and then Liz and Marg came. Then I was really surprised when my dear friend Alida and her hubby Jordan came to the door. What a blessing!

As a gift I got a picture frame and some note cards which people wrote on. They were filled with encouragement and kind words. I reread them later and had a little mist in my eyes. Andrea suggested that I take the cards and picture frame and make something creative with it, so I did. Of course I had to blog about it.
Thanks to Michael and Andrea for such an awesome night!