Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auntie love

I have two nephews, Emmanuel and William. I love them very much. I am also have three more nieces or nephews coming before Christmas. My sister in law Jenn is pregnant with twins and is due within the month. Stacy is having a Christmas baby. I love being an aunt, it is just great.

I have been thinking about the kind of aunt I want to be to my nieces and nephews, both here and soon to come. I want to be the "cool" aunt who comes up with art projects and awesome adventures. I dream of sleepovers at aunties house with all the cousins squished in sleeping bags on the floor. I am already thinking of putting together a toy box.

Well two of my wishes came true on the long weekend. I got to do art projects with Emmanuel and go on an adventure to the park.

What a cutie!

Being with my nephews makes me realize how precious it is to be an aunt. I get to have the privileged of being their aunt for all my days. I get to see them grow up 
Thank you Lord for this gift of two nephews and those to come. Help me be a good aunt.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making earrings on the back deck

I had great success at the 30 Craft Market on Saturday, thanks to all of you who dropped by. I did get some requests for earrings though so I decided to make some. I was feeling crafty tonight and the back deck was the best place to make them.
I got a pile of beads from my friend Heidi Reesor which was a great blessing. Thanks Heidi. Here are some pics of my beads.

Let me know if you want any special ordered. I have tons of different colors.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Late night making Japanese paper pendants

I am up late tonight making Japanese paper pendants, it's 1 in the morning. But I tend to be more creative at night than in the morning. I have been making tons of pendants for the 30 craft market show this Saturday. Here are some pictures.

Come check them out at the 30 Craft Market this Saturday from noon till five.