Thursday, March 1, 2012

Encouragement is the best gift

It was my birthday last week and my brother Michael and my sister in law Andrea threw me a surprise party. The kind of tricked me, because I knew I was having dinner at their house, but when I got there there were more than just three place settings. Then I noticed my dear friend Elvira was there and then Liz and Marg came. Then I was really surprised when my dear friend Alida and her hubby Jordan came to the door. What a blessing!

As a gift I got a picture frame and some note cards which people wrote on. They were filled with encouragement and kind words. I reread them later and had a little mist in my eyes. Andrea suggested that I take the cards and picture frame and make something creative with it, so I did. Of course I had to blog about it.
Thanks to Michael and Andrea for such an awesome night!

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