Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stepping back, Moving forward

After two years of being on the board of the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network I have resigned. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this network but I feel it's time to move on to new things. I have rubbed shoulders with community leaders and poverty activists. I was able to go to conferences and take a course on Not for profit Leadership. I was involved in hiring staff and supervising staff. I chaired the Vision/ Governance committee for the Mount project.

My confidence from the day that I started in May of 2011 to when I resigned in May of 2013 was a significant difference. I was so nervous when I started in 2011. I had lost so much confidence after having gone through a difficult illness. My biggest fear was that I couldn't follow through. That I would be handed a project and I wouldn't be able to complete it. I prided myself in the past that I was the woman who could get stuff done. But after having gone through all that I have experienced my confidence was so low.

I started out small, taking on a little bit. Then I took on some more and I saw that I could complete what I started. When I took a course in Researching and Reporting and I got a 90 on the course it really boosted my confidence. Then I sat on some hiring committee's for new staff and I offered to supervise a staff. Little by little I walked a little taller.

I took a course called Not for Profit Leadership and after completing it a leadership position came up. I was scared stiff but I offered to chair the Vision/ Governance group for the Mount project. I was leading the leaders. But I surprised even myself with my ability to steer the group to accomplish our objectives.

So what's next? I participated in the Poverty Round-table Action Cafe put on by Church in City on Tuesday. I led a discussion at my table about having a skills fair (more on that to come). I was involved with Church in the City back in 2004 when the flood hit Peterborough. I was the flood relief coordinator, it was one of the most exciting times of my life. I was right in the middle of God's will and loving it. My heart is to see the church in the city and I want to be a part of that. I am jumping in with two feet and can't wait to see what happens.

I don't know where this new endeavor will take me just like I didn't know where my journey with the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network was going to take me. But what I do know is that I haven't felt this passionate in a long time. I left that meeting feeling energized and alive.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picking paint colors: Bicycle yellow

I am picking out colors for my new apartment and I am getting some great feedback from people. Here is what my sister in law Jen from Repurposed Gems had to say.

  "I... am a fan of painting the walls a light, neutral colour, then doing one bold accent wall, and painting my furniture and using curtains and linens to add colour to the room. It's probably easier to change the colour of a coffee table, rather than the colour of a wall. And being a basement, lighter colours will lighten the space. I LOVE the colours you've chosen, though. Great taste ;)"

So instead of purple in the kitchen..I am thinking of Yellow! I found a color I like from Behr paints at Home Depot called Bicycle yellow. I love bicycles so why not.

Here are some examples of rooms painted in Bicycle yellow.

Here are some more yellow kitchens...

Some other inspiration from Design Seeds

Thanks for all your feedback. Feel free to comment below.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picking paint colors: Robin's egg blue

I got some feedback about my turquoise and purple color scheme for my new apartment. Some people liked it, some didn't. My friend Mel Inglis from Needles and the Nest blog wrote:

"Hey laura, exciting - a new space for you! Those look like a real fun, vibrant pairing (highlights of lime or coral would be beauty accents there too). I would recommend doing a more 'calm' version on the main part of your walls.. and then using the real intense saturated versions of these colours in accents - art/linens/pillows/accessories! If your walls are the strongest version of the colour... it often gets a bit tiring to have around after a while.  I, of course, would use a nice robin's egg on the walls and then throw in some purple for either an accent wall... or something fun!

Good luck!"

I looked up Robin's egg blue and I like what I see. It is a calming color and I have a bed spread to match. Here is what I am inspired by:

I am open to any feedback about this color selection. I am a newbie at this. I love color, wear it, paint it, decorate with it. But maybe turquoise and purple aren't good wall colors. We will see. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Picking paint colors

I am moving into a new apartment August first and I get to paint. Yeah! The landlord is even paying for the paint. Another Yeah! As some of you may know I love turquoise and purple. So I thought why not try those on a wall. It's not for certain my landlord is 100% ok with my color choices but here is what I am inspired by.

Can't find source






Most people react in a suprised manner when I say I want to paint my apartment turquoise and purple. But it is a basement and I think these colors could make it look really bright and cheery. I would love your feedback so please leave a comment. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer giveaway

It is time for a summer giveaway. The lucky reader will receive three bird's nest pendants with a necklace. One for you and two to give away to friends. They are super cute.

All you have to do is follow me by email and leave a comment that you did. Go to the side bar and scroll down. You should find the "Follow by email" under the archives. Just put in your email address and then leave a comment on this post. You will receive emails when I write new posts so you don't miss any of them.

Let the games begin:)