Friday, July 27, 2012

Creativity: Sew Cute

I sewed my first skirt today and it actually turned out! I didn't use a pattern but the steps were pretty simple so I didn't really need one. I put lace at the bottom and it made it even more cute. Here are some pics of me in my new skirt. 

I find it hard sometimes to find cute dresses and skirts in bigger sizes, maybe this is the solution to that problem. You will probably see more "Sew cute" projects before the end of the summer. Have a great time this summer and find some time to get your creative juices going. 

Happy summer!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspiration: Blog Loving

Where do I get my inspiration from? Well for one I follow a lot of blogs. I find reading other peoples blogs shows me new and inspiring ways to communicate and create.

Needle and Nest Design
A blog I follow religiously is Needles and Nest Design. I love what Mel Inglis makes and designs for her kids and herself. I featured her in a blog post in June called Guest Post: Mel Inglis. I also won one of her giveaways so I am a proud owner of her necklace creations and a felted broach. One of my favorite posts that Mel did was called D.I.Y: Easy necktie baby shirt . I want to try it for my nephew William. 

A blog that I started following a while ago is called A Beautiful Mess. I love the DIY's (Do it Yourself) and the Decor tips. The writers of the blog are sisters Elsie and Emma. They own a store called Red Velvet. I think it is in San Francisco but I am not sure. I am taking an e-course through them called Blog Love. I have learned a lot especially that featuring other artists and bloggers on your blog is important. It's not always about promoting your own work. 


Jessica Swift is a surface pattern designer which basically means that she makes designs which manufacturers buy and put on their products. She write a blog about her experience as a designer.  She started a group on Facebook called Get Brave, Go! It's a group of artisans who need encouragement to get out there and find buyers for their creations. I have only been on it for a couple days and I already find it encouraging. 

I also follow other blogs for all kinds of reasons. Some I follow because I think they are pretty. Some I love the photographs. Some it's for the tutorials and DIYs. Whatever the reason it is always a good one. I will leave you with just a few more to explore. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Give away

I am giving away $40 of credit to my store La Vida Dolce!!!! It is my way of thanking you for following my blog and telling me that you like my products!

What you need to do is leave me a comment on this post with your email by July 30th at noon. I will draw the names on July 30th and email the winner. 

 Check out some of my products on Here are some options:

You could get a Japanese Paper Pendant of your choosing which is $20. 
I could make you a pillow with felt flowers for $25 

I could also make you a tote bag for $20

Or some summer drink coasters....

But this is of course if you win! So leave a comment and I will let you know on the 30th if you are the lucky winner. 
If you are not the winner you can still order any of these items(:

I am also featured in six stores in Peterborough, so if you are looking for items contact me at and I will let you know where you can buy items.

Good luck everyone! Looking forward to your comments! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Creativity: Summer Party Decor

I am getting ready for a birthday party at my house for my mom and nephew Emmanuel in the beginning of August. I saw some neat ideas on and I thought I would try them. My first project is Patio coasters which are made out of .25 cent tiles, modge podge and paper. I made eight of them, here are a couple.

The Modge Podge has glitter in it so it is extra awesome(:

I also made a banner out of paint chips from Rona (don't worry I didn't steal them, I asked first.) They were big ones maybe four inch by four inch. I cut them into triangles and then hot glued them to black twine. I made sure to leave a lot of twine at the beginning and end. I think am going to attach the flag banner to the clothesline as we will be outside if weather permits. 

I can't help but add in some more pictures of my nieces although it has nothing to do with summer decor. Here are the new arrivals to the VanDerHerberg gang, Caroline and Hannah.

Here I am with Caroline. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Post: Tia Star Boutique

A new business opened up this month in Peterborough, Ontario called Tia Star Boutique and I want to highlight her beautiful store in my blog. I am featuring her business not only because it's beautiful but also because she is selling my products! Tia Star Boutique is located at 188 Hunter St. in Peterborough and it is on the second floor. The space used to be used for a Pilates studio, it is an absolutely gorgeous space and Tia has set it up in a really unique way.

Here are my Japanese Paper pendants displayed at the boutique. They are a little different than the ones I sell elsewhere because they have words on them. These pendants say "Create" and "Inspiration". I am also able to do some custom ones, but I refuse to put anything nasty on them of course. 

Here is a little tote that is denim with roses on it. The flower embellishment is super cute and is made of felt. 
Here are some more totes.

I will also be selling my pillows there which is fabulous. Here are some examples. 

 Check out her store at 188 Hunter St W. in Peterborough. Below is her contact info.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family: The twins have arrived

It was a wonderful day for my family last Friday when the twins, Caroline and Hannah arrived safely to their awesome parents Mark and Jen VanDerHerberg. Here is a picture of my whole family together at the hospital.
The two little boys on the bed are William and Emmanuel, my nephews. They just love each other to bits.
Here are the proud parents, Mark and Jen.
Here I am holding baby Caroline, (I think). I am already getting them mixed up a bit. 
Here is Andrea and I holding the babes. 

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be an aunt and the kind of aunt I want to be. I just want to take every opportunity to love those nephews and nieces of mine and be a really big part of their lives. I am thinking about craft projects and sleep overs at aunties house. I am also going to start collecting toys for my very own toy box so that I have something for them when they come to my house. 

What an awesome blessing it is to be an aunt. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you are reigning down on me in the form of these little people.