Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auntie love

I have two nephews, Emmanuel and William. I love them very much. I am also have three more nieces or nephews coming before Christmas. My sister in law Jenn is pregnant with twins and is due within the month. Stacy is having a Christmas baby. I love being an aunt, it is just great.

I have been thinking about the kind of aunt I want to be to my nieces and nephews, both here and soon to come. I want to be the "cool" aunt who comes up with art projects and awesome adventures. I dream of sleepovers at aunties house with all the cousins squished in sleeping bags on the floor. I am already thinking of putting together a toy box.

Well two of my wishes came true on the long weekend. I got to do art projects with Emmanuel and go on an adventure to the park.

What a cutie!

Being with my nephews makes me realize how precious it is to be an aunt. I get to have the privileged of being their aunt for all my days. I get to see them grow up 
Thank you Lord for this gift of two nephews and those to come. Help me be a good aunt.

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  1. So fun! It looks like you guys had a good time :) I love being an auntie too... it's the greatest thing ever!