Monday, March 18, 2013

Wonderful women

I am very blessed to have some wonderful women in my life. I have a beautiful mom and three lovely sister in laws. On Saturday my sister in laws and I took my mom out for tea. See what happened at Christmas was two people ended up with Stacy's name and no one had my moms. So she didn't get any presents and Stacy was a lucky duck. So we decided to take my mom out for tea.

 We went to the Old Mill Inn and Spa in Toronto for afternoon tea. It was lovely.

We each got our own tea pots with loose leaf tea that we selected. I choose Chai and I think Stacy and Andrea had a tea called Queen Mary. Then we had a three tiered pastry platter with little sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle and pastries on top. You eat from the bottom up and by the time you get to the top you are well satisfied. 

Xavier was the only nephew or niece that could come with because he is still little. 

So how wonderful are these women..well let me tell you.

First there is my mom.

She raised us four kids and ran a business. She has been co-owner of my parent's store Durham Christian Bookstore for over 25 years. She is good at what she does and she loves it. If you want to check out their store go to She is one of my favorite people. She has seen me through a lot of rough times and is an arrow pointing me to Christ.

This is my sister in law Andrea. She is also a mom and business owner. This amazing woman started up a cafe when she was in her early twenties called the Silver Bean ( and now runs it with my brother Michael. She also got a really great position as an accountant at Habitat for Humanity in Peterborough. What can I say, I love this girl. She is a steady force in my life.

This is Stacy. In this picture she is holding William (Andrea's son). Stacy is a mom of two boys Emanuel and Xavier. She also works for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at University of Toronto as well as at Woodlawn Community Center. She is currently on maternity leave with Xavier who was born in December. What I really appreciate about Stacy is she knows how to speak to my heart. If I am upset but am trying to hide it she asks me how I am. We just have these moments together that I really cherish. 

This is Jen (and my brother Mark.) I picked this picture because it captures her fun and silly side. Jen is a mom of twin girls Caroline and Hannah. She also runs a furniture refinishing business and writes a blog called I love talking with Jen about blogging and creative projects. Once when I visited her for a week after the twins were born we overdosed on Sarah Richardson's design show but we loved it. I am featuring her this week on a guest post.

That spells out how I feel for these women and...I wanted to include a picture of my nieces in here somehow.

Find your way of saying how much you care about the people in your life.

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