Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bird's nest necklaces

I saw these on a blog and I wanted to try them. I had all the materials from making wire crochet necklaces so I made a bunch this afternoon as I was hanging out at my favorite cafe the Silver Bean. I am going to be a vendor at a outdoor concert in Toronto on June 7th so I thought I would make some for that.

I also got to see my adorable nephews this week Emanuel and Xavier. We went to the Ontario Science center which was a blast. There is an exhibit about the history of video games. Emanuel wanted to play on this race car game (which is from the 90s I think) where you sit in the seat and steer the car but he couldn't touch the pedals. So auntie was in charge of pressing the gas and Emanuel steered (often into a wall). I had to shut my eyes because I was getting dizzy watching. 

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