Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picking paint colors: Bicycle yellow

I am picking out colors for my new apartment and I am getting some great feedback from people. Here is what my sister in law Jen from Repurposed Gems had to say.

  "I... am a fan of painting the walls a light, neutral colour, then doing one bold accent wall, and painting my furniture and using curtains and linens to add colour to the room. It's probably easier to change the colour of a coffee table, rather than the colour of a wall. And being a basement, lighter colours will lighten the space. I LOVE the colours you've chosen, though. Great taste ;)"

So instead of purple in the kitchen..I am thinking of Yellow! I found a color I like from Behr paints at Home Depot called Bicycle yellow. I love bicycles so why not.

Here are some examples of rooms painted in Bicycle yellow.

Here are some more yellow kitchens...

Some other inspiration from Design Seeds

Thanks for all your feedback. Feel free to comment below.

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