Monday, July 8, 2013

Ombre dresser

I have seen lots of Ombre dressers on Pinterest and I wanted to try one. Check out my Pinterest board here. Ombre means shaded in French. The easiest way to paint it in different shades is to get a paint chip in a range of colors. I chose BEHR Embellished Blue, Surfer, Aquatic Green and Pacific Sea Teal. I like how they go well with my new paint color from BEHR which is Woodwind Spring.Check out my blog post about it here.

I had a bit of a dresser fiasco at first. I bought a dresser off of Kijiji but I didn't ask if it was from a smoke free home. I cleaned it and sprayed it down with Febreeze (mistake.) It smelt like smoky cranberries, it basically stinks. I am selling it to someone for ten bucks with a full warning about its stinkiness. Then I bought another dresser off of Kijiji and the top drawer fell apart. The guy wouldn't take it back but told me how to fix it so it ended up turning out ok.

Here is the second dresser before I painted it.

 This is a little more blue than it actually is.
This shows how it has a bit of turquoise in it.

Despite the fiasco it was a lot of fun and rewarding. I am going to use this as a TV table for my new apartment. The drawers will be great for storage. I think it will make my living room look really colorful. 

My sister-in-law Jen suggested that I go with a lighter color for the walls and paint furniture bolder colors. Thanks Jen for that great advice. 

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