Friday, February 17, 2012

W is for William

Last night I was inspired to make something for my nephew William. That's William and I above.

I have seen people make letters with buttons on Now if my brother Michael reads this he will make fun of me for talking about Pinterest. I make fun of him about Twitter, so I guess we are even. Below is the finished product, keep reading and I will show you how to make one of your own.

 You will need the following:
- piece of white card stock
- lots of buttons in a variety of colors
- a pencil
- a ruler
- white glue
Then you will need to make the outline of the letter that you are making. I did the letter W but you can do this with any letter. You will have to free hand it with the help of a ruler, unless you have a stencil.
Then you start placing buttons on the letter, gluing them down with white glue. Be creative and use all different sizes and colors. I used green, blue, yellow, red and black buttons. I even put in some Japanese paper under glass.

1 comment:

  1. I really like how this piece compliments his room. He'll have it for years to come, if not his whole life!