Friday, July 13, 2012

Creativity: Summer Party Decor

I am getting ready for a birthday party at my house for my mom and nephew Emmanuel in the beginning of August. I saw some neat ideas on and I thought I would try them. My first project is Patio coasters which are made out of .25 cent tiles, modge podge and paper. I made eight of them, here are a couple.

The Modge Podge has glitter in it so it is extra awesome(:

I also made a banner out of paint chips from Rona (don't worry I didn't steal them, I asked first.) They were big ones maybe four inch by four inch. I cut them into triangles and then hot glued them to black twine. I made sure to leave a lot of twine at the beginning and end. I think am going to attach the flag banner to the clothesline as we will be outside if weather permits. 

I can't help but add in some more pictures of my nieces although it has nothing to do with summer decor. Here are the new arrivals to the VanDerHerberg gang, Caroline and Hannah.

Here I am with Caroline. 

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