Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day craft tutorial

I thought I would put together a Valentine's craft. This can be done with kids (with a lot of help from an adult) or if you just want to do one for yourself. I got the idea from www.sugarbeecrafts.com. They have a tutorial on their website but I redid it and used some different materials. Below is the finished product. 

Materials needed
- felt in Valentines colors, you can do different colors than what I have. I choose red and purple because that is what I had. I got the felt from a dollar store in Peterborough called Dollar Giant.  
- A good pair of scissors
- fabric glue ( I used "OK to wash" by Aleene's, I got it from Michaels.)
- A needle
- Thread that matches the felt, I used purple
- a button which matches.
- a pin or hair band to attach it to

Start by cutting the top color into a heart, you will need five of them. You can cut one out and use it as a template for the other ones. Then put the heart on the bottom colored felt and cut it out just a bit bigger. 

Then you need to glue them together. I used a fabric glue called "Ok to wash" by Aleens. I found it at Michaels. 

Now comes the fun part if you like hand sewing or the not so fun part if you don't like hand sewing. If you have a glue gun and want to glue them together I suggest you go to www.sugarbeecrafts.com and look at their tutorial. Otherwise stick with me and we will put this together. 

Now pick up one of the hearts that are glued together and pinch the ends of it to create a petal. Take your thread and sew the end shut. 

Sew all five hearts like this individually. Then cut off the tip of the heart. Then we start sewing them together. Sew the first to the second and the second to the third and so forth. The last heart is the trickiest, you have to sew it to the fourth and first petal.
Now comes the fun part picking a button. I choose a nice red button to go with the red felt that I had. The button is all about individual taste. 
Now you need to decide what you want to attach this to. I decided to make mine a brooch because I am having Valentine's dinner with some friends and I want to wear it with my red sweater. But you may choose to glue it to a headband or attach it to a hat. That my friend is all up to you.

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