Sunday, June 10, 2012

Creativity: For the love of Chiyogami paper

I love working with Chiyogami paper. It is beautiful and unique. Here is some background on Chiyogami paper from the website:
"Chiyogami, literally thousand generation (chiyo) paper (gami), is meticulously produced by hand. Each layer of colour is silkscreened on individually requiring careful registration of screens.

These exquisite papers were developed in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1867) by papermakers who were emulating the fashionable kimono textiles being produced in the Yuzen area of Kyoto. These small-scale paper imitations were intended to be used on dolls and tiny household items, such as tea tins. Many of the patterns contain highly symbolic imagery, such as cranes for long life and plum blossoms and pine boughs for beauty and longevity."

It goes through a six step printing process. It is hand-silkscreened in several small family run studios across Japan. Here is the process below. 

I use Chiyogami paper to make cards and jewelry. Here are some examples:

These necklaces are available for purchase. I can custom make a piece for you or you can order one that is already made. Click on the shop tab on the top of the page to view some or email me at
Each piece is unique and I hope is something you will cherish for a long time. The pendants are made out of Sterling silver plated backgrounds and come with a Sterling silver plated 16 inch necklace. They are $20.00 each but if you are looking for multiples I am willing to make a deal. 

I also see value in bartering with other artists. So if you want a necklace but would like to barter with me please feel free and I will see if it is something I am interested in. 

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