Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creativity: My studio space

I moved in February to this awesome town house on a quiet street in Peterborough. The house is great but the best part is that I have an extra room for my studio space. I show you a lot of my work but I don't show you where I work. Here is a little tour of my studio space.
Flowers to inspire...A lovely window to light the way.

A sewing table and sewing machine from a dear friend.

An art table and storage that was once a throw away at a dumpster. 
It has come with me everywhere although I have only had to move it myself once. It's a beast, but awesome for storing supplies. 
Drawers of supplies. I am a sucker for craft supplies. I love having them, buying them, all of the above. 

So there it is my little work space for my company La Vida Dolce. 
You can check out all my work by clicking on the shop tab above. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Laura - great to see where you create!