Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post: Mel Inglis

I interviewed Mel Inglis from She got me into blogging and I read her blog almost daily. She was kind enough to answer my questions.

Laura: When did you start your blog? 

Mel: I decided to create this blog over a year ago....last February I believe. Can you believe I've written 416 posts since then... oy!

Laura: How did you get into blogging? Did a particular blog/ person inspire you?

Melissa: I used to blog years ago (just about the randomness that was my life...) then got bored with it and neglected it for years. Last year I though I should make an 'online portfolio' of all my creative works, and realized that I could use a blog as that online presence instead of trying to wrap my head around a fancy website! Turns out I love blogging again (and just can't shut up really) so I blog daily about my creations, thoughts on life and motherhood, d.i.y projects, etc. There wasn't one blog that inspired me to make mine... but there's a ton out there that I love to go to for inspiration. 
Laura: What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

Mel: I love that it keeps me creating - I get more eager to hatch new projects and share them with others. It also helps me to be more mindful - and more grateful - for the life I have... when I write out my thoughts they seem more real to my own heart. 

Laura: Do you think blogging has increased your creativity? 
Mel: Refer to #3..yes! I love creating, but the blog has helped focus those energies... whether its creating a fun/easy d.i.y. project for my readers, or sharing new creations for my Shop... or any other playful projects I invent.

Laura: I notice you blog about your kids and projects for them. How do you balance being a mom and an artist?

Mel: I posted a vlog in response to this one - and I get asked that a lot. I definitely know that being a mama is my priority right now, and the artist side gets any leftovers from the day. So I sew, craft, paint, design during naps, evenings or any other 'spare' time I can wedge into the day. I just don't want my kids to grow up and think I loved personal projects more than playtime with them!

Laura: What would you like to tell young moms out there who are struggling with how to fit creativity into their lives?

Mel: Hmmm. start small! For me its just a delight to start - and finish - a project so that means it has to be fast/easy usually. Use creative time with your kids to start you off if needed... paint alongside them. get messy. have fun! (then sneak it out on a canvas later for your own pleasure). You can find a million projects out there... the key is just keep playing and not fearing making mistakes or messes. 

Azriel and Hudson

Laura: What do you do to inspire you when you are not feeling creative? 

Mel: To be honest, I'm not often 'uninspired'... I'm just manic- creative. I tend to always have ideas fluttering around my brain, and the real challenge and deciding which ones to bring to life! I do roam Pinterest and random d.i.y. blogs occasionally to see if there's another idea I haven't come up with, hehe. 

Thanks a bunch to Mel for this interview.

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  1. thank YOU Laura! I'm touched, and honored that I could inspire you to blog about all your beauty-full creations, keep up the great work.
    Mel ;o)