Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiration: Seasonal creativity

I just figured something out this year. My creativity seems to change with the seasons. I thought I would take some time to explain how I think the seasons affect my creativity. Hopefully it will help you figure out your own creative patterns. I am learning to go with it, instead of fight against it. I take advantage of times that I feel creative and am learning grace for the times that I don't feel creative at all. This is going to be a little bit of a longer post, so get comfortable and enjoy


These pictures were taken the summer I was in Greece in 2004. They just remind me of that lovely time.

Volley Ball on the shores of the Aegean sea

The great thing about summer is getting to be outside. These pictures capture the essence of summer: flowers, sun, travel and play. Although this is a great time of year, and in the past I have lived for this time of year; it's not my most productive. I find that during summer it is either too hot to work in my studio or it's too nice outside to be cooped up inside. I am trying to find grace with myself. I am trying to let myself "off the hook" this time of year and just enjoy it. 


 My sister in laws and I

Thanksgiving weekend with my family

I find the fall is a great time to get projects started and hopefully done. I feel energized because there is still some lovely days but it's cool enough that I want to snuggle in my studio. I find the cool air is good for my creativity. 


Stephen, Stacy and Emmanuel 

 Christmas decorations in Chicago
 Chicago fun

This last winter I really tried to have a good attitude about it and it made it better. I realized that winter is a time that I peculate, I think of new ideas and what I want to do in the coming year. This year I am going to make a plan for my winter of projects that I want to do. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good winter.  


 Hyde Park, Chicago
My parents, Easter weekend

Spring is a wonderful time of year, things are new and fresh. So is my creativity, I get bursts of energy and a desire to create. I am very productive this time of year preparing for craft shows and expanding business.

I am learning that each season brings good things to my life and my creativity. Instead of fighting against these rhythms of creativity, I am learning to go with it. I encourage you to to the same, find your creative times and go for it.  


  1. Nice post. The only thing I love about getting older is understanding certain aspects of myself better.

  2. such beautiful pics laura!! Great you can find your rhythm and roll with it.. dance even. ;o) Love that tree's roots in the first painting... very expressive.

  3. I agree adding some focus when the seasons change with creativity will help flow ideas. I like the fact that we all have to go through motions while we all swim through these vast oceans :)