Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creativity: Mixed Media class

I have been taking a mixed media class at the Art Gallery of Peterborough with one of my favorite artists, Anne Renouf. Her website is www.annerenouf.com . At the beginning of the class she gets us to do a warm up exercise. We have worked with oil pastels, chalk, etc. Then she teaches us a skill. Two weeks ago we learned how to image transfer and this last week we learned how to apply gold leaf.

I have an art show coming up in the new year with my best friend Alida. It is going to be on trees. She loves painting birches and I am really interested in using different mediums to create trees. So most of my art work for this class will be about trees.

Here is a pastel warm up.

Here is a box that I attached Japanese paper to in the shape of trees and then I made a pastel tree for the inside.

Instead of working with canvas I got a birch board. I image transferred a picture of a tree onto it. Then I painted it in a winter theme.

I have three weeks left of the class and I am looking forward to learning more skills. 

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