Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family: Tricker Treat

I went out Tricker Treating with my nephews and nieces. Desmond, Ivy and Anika were all dressed up at elephants. Cora was a gypsy and William was a robot. They were so cute.
Desmond and Ivy 

Uncle Michael with the kids

William and I

William in the pram. I don't know why he was in there because he is too big. But I thought he looked hilarious so I snapped a quick photo.

This is a picture of Cora but she moved so she looks like a ghost. I was having a hard time getting pictures of them while they were getting candy because the moved a lot. Oh well.  

 Michael, Andrea and William

Desmond checking out his stash of candy. 

It was a really fun evening with the kids and Auntie Laura even scored some candy from the kids hehe. I hope you had a good Halloween. 

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