Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creativity: Reupholstering Chairs

After my success with reupholstering my ottoman I was itching to try something else. I have been looking for kitchen chairs to reupholster for a bit but nothing was working. Then my friend Becka facebooked me and said she had some chairs that she got for free. They are perfect and you will see why. They weren't that hard to reupholster. I just had to unscrew the chair pad and rip of the material. Then I stapled the new material on. I found blue damask material for $4 a meter.

Here is the finished product.

Here is the original. 

This is why they were a perfect. They match the table!

I feel so blessed to have new chairs. Its hard sometimes living in a rental because you don't have complete say over the decor. I try my best though to make it homey and I hope my roommates appreciate it.

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  1. Very lovely Laura! Today I prices out what it will cost to reupholster my couch... But we'll see if that actually ever happens ;)