Friday, February 8, 2013

Family: Snow day with Auntie

It was a snow day here in Peterborough, ON along with the rest of Ontario. We have piles of snow, so much that my roommates are making a massive fort in the backyard. I spent the morning with my nieces and nephews which was loads of fun. We made crafts, played in the snow and made a fort (not as big as the one being built outside.) I just love these little ones.

 Ivy making crafts
Desmond and his toothy grin

We played outside and had lots of fun. 

Desmond was determined to fit inside!

 William my other nephew kept running away from the camera.

Khora and Anika were there too but I didn't get pictures of them. What a great day had by all. It was an Auntie's day. Auntie Melody, Auntie Andrea and Auntie Laura all loving on these little ones.

I love being an aunt!

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