Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Milk Paint coffee table

I wanted a new coffee table that was colorful and fabulous. The one I was using was very brown and it made my living room look drab. I had bought a coffee table on Kijiji for $10 that I was going to refinish and sell. I painted the top white and then lost motivation because my other coffee table that I stenciled only sold for $5 more than I had paid for it.

 Last week I was still thinking about how I could get a new coffee table with minimal money and I thought why not paint over the white one with milk paint. I still had some left over from a package of Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint in the color Kitchen Scale. It turned out just as I was hoping colorful and fabulous. 

It is great when you can use what you have and create something new with it. You don't always have to spend tons of money to have a nice home. I am currently taking an e-course called Styling your home with the A Beautiful Mess blog. It doesn't matter if you rent or own, and you're  on a shoe string budget there are always ways to make your space beautiful. 

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