Saturday, September 22, 2012

Creativity: All things fall

In the summer I went to a concert by Robyn Cunnigham and she sang a song called London St. Bridge. London St. Bridge is a beautiful bridge in my city of Peterborough. She mentioned that there is a tree right near the bridge that is the first to turn when the fall comes. I visited that tree this week and picked some beautiful leaves off the ground.

I took the leaves and pressed them in the biggest book I could find which happened to be a book of quotes by C.S. Lewis, apparently he said a lot in his life. I piled three big books on top of that book and hoped for the best. The leaves turned out beautifully. I then took a paint brush and brushed glue on the back of each leaf and glued in onto card stock. I used light blue card stock, not what I wanted, but it was what I had in stock.

Then I hot glued them onto some ribbon. I picked up the ribbon when it wasn't fall so it was on sale. I then hung it in the doorway of my living room.

I also made a fall wreath last week. It's base is a wooden frame that I ripped the canvas off of. I painted the frame orange. I then put white card stock behind it that I stenciled on. 

I got both of these ideas from a blog called Centsational Girl. I hope you are enjoying fall and I hope that you are inspired to be creative. 

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