Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Creativity: Stenciled Coffee table

As promised below are pictures of my coffee table stenciling project. I have been teasing you with pictures of awesome stenciling projects the last two Fridays, on my Fun Friday Ideas feature. My good friend, Jennifer Knight has actually been dreaming up stenciling projects because of my blog posts. She helped me today stencil the table and I think it made her want to stencil even more.  

I have been really inspired by Miss Mustard Seed and the projects she has been doing on her blog (some of which have showed up on the Friday feature). I also have been inspired by my sister in law Jen who refinishes furniture. She told me what paint to buy, how many coats it needed, etc. Her blog is called Repurposed Gems. She just recently finished redoing a trailer with a good friend of hers. 

I think what I like about refinishing is that it takes what already exists and makes it into something beautiful. We live in tough economic times, people can't easily spend tons of money on furniture. The beautiful table above was actually beat up pretty bad. But with a bit of sanding and coats of paint it is now a beautiful piece that is all ready to be in someones home. 

What I also like about refinishing is that it is not so hard on the environment. Vintage pieces actually have good "bones" or structure, they just need to be updated to a more modern look. The look of the table is called Shabby Chic. It is really popular right now. A lot of people are painting dark furniture or cabinets white. 

I am going to post this coffee table on Kijiji but if you would like to see it and possibly buy it feel free to contact me. My contact info is on the tab above.  


  1. Lovely stencilling! I think your creative mind never stops working!!!

  2. I love it! Great job on the stenciling! So pretty!