Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration: Journaling

I love to journal. I also love expensive journals particularly by a company called Paper Blanks. I am currently writing in a journal that has a reproduction of a Tiffany Glass window on it. My mom thinks it is very impractical that I buy expensive journals. But everytime I buy a cheap journal I regret it later. I have kept a journal since I was 17, so I have a lot of journals.

The great thing for me about journaling is that once or twice a year I sit down and read through all of my journals. This bi- annual practice has proven to be both insightful and productive. For example, it can solidify my thinking in an area, it can show me how I am not thinking clearly about something, etc.

How does journaling affect my creativity? Well it isn't directly connected but I find having a well sorted out heart and mind allows me to be more creative. Journaling helps me by taking the things which are bothering out of my head and putting them down on paper. I am then able to confidently walk away from it. Things seem to work themselves out over time and a journal is a helpful recorder of that truth. 

 Paper Blanks journals
 A journal I made for my internship in Texas, at Teen Mania Ministries.
 My journal while I was in South Africa.
A journal that my dear friend Ana gave me. 

Journaling is not an every day thing. It is more when I need to get something out of my head onto paper. I also write out my prayers to God, which is something I started years ago. It is amazing to have a record of my prayers and then realize months or years later how they worked out. 

I think the greatest thing about writing in journals is perspective. I always struggle with perspective. Problems always seem bigger that what they are, they feel like they are never going to change. Journaling shows that they do change and that God is faithful to help me through it. It's not always the circumstances that change it is more my attitude towards the problem that changes. 

Well I hope this inspires you to go get a nice journal and write down your thoughts and feelings. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading your perspective on journalling Laura - not only a peek into your inner world but also inspiring. I used to do a lot of journalling but haven't of late. Perhaps I need to start again - and - I think choosing your journal is a very important part of the process:)