Friday, September 7, 2012

Favorite "Pins" Friday

I am starting a new weekly feature on some of my favorite "pins" or ideas that I have found inspiring. I love going through blogs and online shops looking for ideas. I am on a furniture repainting and stenciling kick so most of my pins this week are of cool furniture ideas. Click on the word "source" below the picture to see where it comes from. Enjoy!


 This is a dresser that my sister in law did recently. She is the reason I am getting into some furniture repainting. Check out her blog at

I also got a card order this week from a friend of mine. I didn't make any of these but they were a good jumping off point for the ones I did make. 

I really want to try sewing on card stock but I am a bit nervous about wrecking my sewing machine. I think I need to do some research first. 

I thought this would be cute for a baby card.
I love this card. I saw this and remembered a picture of graffiti that I took. It is graffiti of a couple in warm winter coats leaned up against eachother. I went through my photo archives and found it. I then made a bunch of cards with it that I will show you later.

 I haven't tried this card yet but I am excited about trying it in the future.

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