Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Friday Ideas

         It's Friday again, the day I show you where I am getting inspiration from. I have been working on projects but I ran out of battery on my camera so I will have to show you them next week. I have been feeling really inspired to create again, but with that has been pressure to create. I have so many ideas at once, that it is kind of stressing me out. I took some time to reflect down at the Silver Bean cafe yesterday and realized that this shouldn't be a stressful area of my life, so I took the night off and spent some time with friends.
          I am going to take some time this next week to map out the projects I want to do over the fall and winter. I think if I have a plan then I won't get overwhelmed and it will make me look forward to winter more. See my previous post on Seasonal creativity.

          I am still working on my refinishing project with the coffee table so here are some ideas that are inspiring me. I am still nervous about stenciling the top of it, but these dressers look really neat with designs on them.

           I am also thinking about a project for Christmas presents for my friends and family. I collect quotes and I have always wanted to make a book out of them. I priced it out this week and found out that it wouldn't be too expensive. Here are some of the quotes that I found inspiring this week.

             I have been adopted by a family to be their kids aunt which just warms my heart. So of course we have been doing lots of crafts. I love kids crafts, they are messy, imperfect and loads of fun. Here are some ideas that I like.

Well that is it for this Fridays inspirational ideas. I hope these ideas will be your jumping off point to creative projects. If I can suggest anything, get a note book and map out some creative projects you want to work on over the fall and winter. I will show you guys my note book sometime soon. 

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