Monday, October 1, 2012

Creativity: Felt pumpkins

Last week on Favorite Friday ideas I included a picture of a pumpkin made of felt. I promised that I would show you mine when they were done. I have a couple more to go but these are what I have so far.

I am making them for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I am going to put them on each plate on top of a yellow sunflower doily. I will definitely show you pics of the table and any cute family pics that I take. Here are some more pictures of the pumpkins.

If you feel so inspired to make some it isn't very hard. You need a Styrofoam ball, some orange felt, straight pins, a stick for the stem and a bit of green felt.

Put a short piece of a stick in the styrofoam ball for the stem. Cut the orange felt into circles. Fold the circle once, fold again and put a pin through the corner through all four layers. Then pin it to the styrofoam ball. Try to hide the pin head with felt. Keep doing that until the whole ball is covered. Then cut out a green leaf and pin it beside the stem.

Happy Pumpkin making!

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