Thursday, October 4, 2012

Favorite Friday Ideas

I've wanted to try Surface Pattern Design for a while so I've been experimenting with it. One of the blogs I follow is by Jessica Swift and she does surface pattern design. I couldn't find it's definition but it basically means coming up with a pattern that manufacturers can buy and apply to products. Jessica has her designs on calendars, phone cases, stationary, etc. I don't have as big of aspirations but I do want to design my own paper. Look for a future post of patterns that I have designed. Here are some examples of  Jessica's Surface Pattern Design, unfortunately I can't get them any bigger. But check out her website for more patterns (

I follow another blog by a lady named Ana White. She lives in Alaska and builds her own furniture. I know nothing about how to build furniture but I am very inspired to try. She is a stay at home mom and she builds her own plans for furniture. Check out her website at  Here are some examples of her work.

This would be great for a small kitchen office.

 I would love to build one of these for my front porch. 

This is one that I am itching to try. I love the color. 

I am making tote bags for my adopted nieces and nephews for Halloween (only the ones who are old enough). We went to Fabricland today to pick out material yesterday. Watch for them in a future post. Here are some tote bag ideas that are simple but fun. 

Well that is all for this weeks edition of Favorite Friday Ideas. I hope you have a crafty and beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!

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