Monday, January 9, 2012

Design seeds

I am really enjoying this website called Design Seeds. The designer (Jessica) takes a picture and then puts a corresponding color swatch next to it. Check it out at

I have always loved working with color and how color combinations can make colors pop. I love how this skill of color combinations can be put to use in all sorts of mediums. I used to do a lot of acrylic painting and now I am working with felt and Japanese paper. But I still use the same skills of color matching with felt as I would with acrylic painting. Working with color is never boring and it always presents new challenges.

I also love how different countries have different color pallets. I remember in my travels to Guatemala the colors there were very bold; mustard yellows, deep reds, sometimes even bright blues and that was just on the walls. The woman in the market would be wearing and selling the most colorful array of goods. Greece was a color pallet all on it's own, the seas were turquoise, and light to deep blues. The houses, particularly in Santorini were white washed walls, with red geraniums in pots. The soil was a rich black from volcanic activity many moons ago. 

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