Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pinterest is quickly becoming my favorite website. Thanks Elvira for the invite! (Checking her out at Loving your Life Photography.) I am especially enjoying the pins of different felted and fabric flowers. I made a bunch of them yesterday and today. I was trying to explain how Pinterest works to my friend Evan and he couldn't get how there were pins of pins. It was hilarious. He thought the whole website was about pins, like the ones you pin on your jacket.
         Has anyone figured out the supply and demand of a little company. I have discovered that I have purchased too much supplies and although I am producing a lot of product, I am not moving it. Check out my website for my jewelry and soon, my felted pins.
         January is the month that I like to experiment with different ideas. I found some synthetic felt and I am trying out different things with it before actually ordering the real stuff from Etsy. Feltonthefly on Etsy is sending me a card with all of the new spring colors. I found them on the Pantone website under the Spring 2012 color trends. Felt on the Fly matched them up with their felt. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

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