Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

I have started dreaming of spring as a cure for the winter blues. Which is quite appropriate for tonight when I had to stand at a bus stop with 57 km per hour winds, according to the weather channel. After I start dreaming of spring enough, I start dressing like it's spring, and inevitably get a cold. But in my mind, I think that I am helping spring come quicker by wearing spring dresses. Don't burst my bubble people.

I started my Spring garden ideas book once again, with my garden layout and ideas. They sometimes happen, but mainly it's for my sanity. I pull this book out every year and I always think this will be the year that I implement these ideas. During winter, I dream of geraniums with blue hyacinth in a planter that hangs on my fence, not just one but many planters. Or I see the below picture pinned on www.pinterest.com and I think I could do that against a brick wall, but then I reach spring and my budget only allows for so much. Oh well, dreams are still awesome.

There is something about early mornings in Spring that are so lovely. I am not a morning person, as my friends and family can attest to that. But in May, being up in the morning working on my garden is a true delight. Last spring I ripped up all the vines that have crept into the garden, but to my dismay they came back and by July the garden was a jungle. I live in a beautiful apartment in the back of an old house that has a perennial garden. I say it's an English garden, my sister in law says that another word for a messy garden. But I love it just the same. 

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