Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Felt Flower Pillow tutorial

I made a felt flower pillow as a gift for someone ( I won't tell you who because I haven't given it to them yet.) I think I might also sell these at the May 12 craft show in Peterborough. Below is a picture of the pillow in process. I am not going to show the finished product just in case the person I am giving it to looks at this post. At least there will be some surprise!

I bought a white pillow from JYSK for $3.00, cut the tags off and glued the flowers on. I used fabric glue which is a lot less work than sewing them all on. I made the flowers using felt from (hehe) the dollar store. The center of the flowers are little pearl like beads which are also from the dollar store. The whole thing cost me under $10 to make. My thrifty dutch side is coming out here.

So the following are pictures of how I made the flowers. Start by cutting out five circles, all the same size. Then you thread a needle in a similar color as the felt, I used gray thread. Then as you see below you pinch the one end of the circle and sew it shut which makes a pedal.

Next you take another circle and sew it on one side then sew the two pedals together. The third you do the same, the fourth pedal gets a bit tricky and the fifth is the trickiest but I believe in you, you can do it.

The fourth pedal you sew to the third pedal. The fifth pedal you sew to the fourth and first pedal. Try it a couple of times with scrap felt and see how to get the hang of it. Then you sew a pearl bead in the middle. Sew it a couple times on the back for support (I usually just make a knot.) Then voila you have your flower that you can glue onto the pillow. I made a bunch of different sizes so that there would be variety. I decided to make my flowers go diagonally down one side but you can choose to put them wherever you want.